As part of Rom Design, we created a branding and digital marketing strategy for our client, who came to us with the homemade product she had enjoyed making and selling in the neighbourhood since the lock-down had begun. And that’s where the name comes from, obviously. We researched more into the drinkable yoghurt market in Thailand to define the brand positioning and unique approach
Yoghurt is no foreign ingredient in skincare for its amazing benefits and availability at home. Therefore we created art direction in a skincare product-like to present its rich and creamy texture and also to express the pureness of the product (with no sugar added) that you can apply to your bare face!
Neighbour Flavour is not just a drink but a lifestyle for a new generation. With the determination to be innovative and transparent with the upcoming product line in the future: drinkable yoghurt, skincare, and clothing.
Logo Design & Art direction : Me
Branding : Rom Design
Photography : Kobkit T.
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