Gender equality is what I’ve been interested all along and I’ve try to educated myself on the topic. Though, I’ve noticed that there’s a lacked in movement on the man side and realized that by the terms of gender quality we ofen look at the feminism movement and overlooked the roots of the probelm which is how we treated men in our life. So I’ve decided to choose this topic for my graduate project.
Around the world, men are likely to committed suicide 3.5 times more than women. One of the main factor is the pressure of fitting the gender expectations called ‘The Man Box’ - Men don’t show weakness, act tough, always be in control of themselves and more. These pillars make them feel the need to suppress their feelings and expressions. Soon isolated themselves from their emotions and were pushed toward loneliness and emptiness.
‘The Man Box’ is an advertising campaign to raise awareness,
challenging gender norm and asking the society to help free men from toxic masculinity. So instead of demanding them to ‘be a man’ now we are responsible to help them break the streotype. Breaking the box.

In order to collect insights for the campaign, I’ve done research in differect areas -- articles, researches, documentaries, advertising and discussed the topic with fellow men in my life. I’ve learned how much their concept of life has been narrowed down by society’s expectation.
Furthermore, I’ve done my own research through online surveys with 60 Thai young men, with the sample questions from ‘The Man Box’, a research conducted by Promundo & Axe among young men in Mexico, USA and UK.

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